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CIOCNS Stoplight Report.pdf CIOCNS Stoplight Report.pdf
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Click here for the 2016-2017 CIOCNS Board Candidate Bios.

The Board of Directors of the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists has selected Brandee A. Wornhoff, MSN, RN, CNS-BC to receive the annual CNS Preceptor of the Year award. We are impressed by the scope of her dedication and pleased to be able to count on such outstanding CNSs.

The NACNS Board of Directors and the Affiliate Advisory Committee take great pleasure in announcing that the Central Indiana Organization of Clinical Nurse Specialists (CIOCNS) has been selected for the NACNS Affiliate of the Year Award.  Your application has demonstrated that your affiliate is most worthy of this award and exemplary in many respects.

CIOCNS will be recognized at the Affiliate Breakfast on Saturday, March 5th and the Closing Ceremony on Saturday, March 5th at the Annual NACNS Conference in Philadelphia, PA. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the following Indiana affiliate members who presented a poster or podium in Philadelphia at the 2016 NACNS National Conference: The Future is Today.

  • Kerista Hansell - Community Network
  • Ron Kraus - IU Health Methodist
  • Mitzi Boilanger - IU Health Riley Hospital for Children
  • Jo Ellen Rust - IU Health Riley Hospital for Children
  • Jessica Vickery - IU Health Methodist
  • Jennifer Sweeney - IU Health Methodist
  • Joan Miller - IU Health Methodist
  • Alyson Keen - IU Health University
  • Michelle Deckard - IU Health Methodist
  • Michele Wallace - IU Health Methodist
  • M. Jane Swartz - University of Southern Indiana
  • Shannon Page - IU Health Methodist
  • Courtney Fouche - IU Health Methodist
  • Nancy Verwers - IU Health University
  • Traci Lorch - Norton Women’s and Kosair Children’s
  • Jennifer Kitchens - Eskenazi
  • Lenora Maze - Eskenazi
  • Jan Fulton - IU School of Nursing
  • Margie Hull - Eskenazi
  • Amy Allen - Union Hospital
  • Julia Sbragio - Purdue University Calumet


Thank you for attending the 6th CIOCNS Conference! Your participation and commitment to the practice of CNSs in Indiana and surrounding states is much appreciated! Evaluations for CE credit will be coming to your email soon.  We welcome feedback to make the conference better each year!  The conference planning committee has impressed me with the science, knowledge and laughs I gained!! The networking with my colleagues was amazing! I truly enjoyed talking to many of you, learning and sharing some laughs as well!  The pictures I captured for the day will be posted here soon.  Thank you, Jennifer Woodard, CIOCNS President

"Indiana CNSs Elected to National Board"
2016-2017 NACNS Election Results.pdf 2016-2017 NACNS Election Results.pdf
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The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) posted the attached information this evening. They have made it official that effective January 1, APN's can be enrolled as IHCP providers. Please see the links below containing the bulletins we received. This is a huge development for Indiana APN's! We have worked with the FSSA staff on this for months and are really excited to have this come to fruition!

Medicaid_announce1.pdf Medicaid_announce1.pdf
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Medicaid_announce2.pdf Medicaid_announce2.pdf
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CIOCNS members welcomed new CNS Students at IU School of Nursing MSN Orientation Day.  Thank you Shelley Lancaster, Joan Miller and Georgann Adams for attending on behalf of CIOCNS.

"NACNS Endorses Requiring Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree for CNSs" To read more, click here."

Congratulations to the following CIOCNS colleagues with poster or podium presentations at 2015 NACNS National Conference in San Diego, California.

Jennifer Embree (IUSON), Beth Ferguson (IUSON), Kerista Hansell (IU Health),  Joy Howard (IUSON), Margie Hull (Eskenazi Health), Alyson Keen (IU Health),  Jennifer Kitchens (Eskenazi Health), Ron Kraus (IU Health), Susan Tyler (St. Vincent), Brandee Wornhoff (Hendricks Regional Health) 

The NACNS has named Peggy Barksdale president of its Board of Directors. Barksdale currently works at Community Health Network in Indianapolis. 

Indianapolis Nurse to Lead National Association, Inside Indiana Business, 3-31-15

Click here to read the article.

PR-NtnlNursesWeek2015.pdf PR-NtnlNursesWeek2015.pdf
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CIOCNS represented at NTI in May. Congratulations to the following colleagues who will be presenting at NTI this month:

Patricia Avila (IU Health) and Michelle Kidd (IU Health) presenting 'Workplace Violence: Recognizing, Preventing and Treating Emotional Exhaustion'

Michelle Deckard (IU Health), Jean Balaguras (IU Health), and Michelle Kidd presenting ‘Chasing a Moving Target:  Targeted Temperature Management for Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients'

Deanna Reising (IUSON) presenting ‘Protect Yourself from Malpractice Claims: Arm Yourself to Improve Your Care’

The Clinical Nurse Specialist: One of the Most Important Health Care Assets You’ve Never Heard of

Everyone is concerned about rising health care costs and ensuring high quality health care in the United States and here in Indiana. Policymakers, hospital administrations, health care systems, insurance companies, and patients are also all looking for ways to ensure that health care is cost-efficient. One of their strongest allies in this effort is someone whom too many of them have never heard of: the Clinical Nurse Specialist, or CNS.

There are more than 72,000 of us across the United States but we may be one of the best kept secrets in health care. This week is National Clinical Nurse Specialist Recognition Week. But what is it that we do that’s so valuable?

CNSs understand the importance of using science to improve health care – what we call evidence-based care or evidence-based practice. We stay up-to-date on the latest research in our area of specialty and work with our colleagues and health care organizations to implement practices and policies based on that research. We help drive major changes that will help people avoid being re-hospitalized, being hospitalized for a longer time than anticipated, and possibly from being hospitalized at all.

If every health care setting employed CNSs, more of the care provided would be based on evidence and best practices, our health care system would be more efficient, and our nation would be healthier.

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